Forward Group Fees with effect from 1 January 2020

Corporate Service Fees

One-off fees
Incorporation of a standard Jersey Company£2,000
Transfer in of an existing Companyfrom £1,000
Annual fees *
Provision of Registered Office and Company Secretary£3,000
Provision of Registered Office and Company Secretary and Corporate Director£3,500
Annual Compliance Monitoring **from £500
Dissolution or Transfer Outfrom £1,500
Administration (see below)Time Cost

Administration charges are payable on a time spent basis in addition to the above responsibility fees for the holding of the office of Director and/or Company Secretary.

Corporate Disbursements

Fees shown above do not include third party or statutory fees, including:

  • Company incorporation fee payable to JFSC (from £165 – £650 on incorporation)
  • Company annual return, currently £235 per year
  • International Service Entity registration fee, currently £300 per year
  • Registration with the information commissioner, currently £50 per year


Trust Service Fees

One-off feesFrom
Fees for arranging the preparation and engrossment of a Standard Trust instrument, including the establishment of the principal records of the Trust and to assist with a Letter of Wishes.£3,000
Transfer in of an existing Trust, including execution of any required Deeds of Retirement and Appointment£2,000
Annual fees *
Provision of a Corporate Trustee£3,000
Annual Compliance Monitoring Fee **£500
Administration (see below)Time Cost

Administration charges are payable on a time spent basis in addition to the above responsibility fees for the holding of the office of Trustee.

Trust Disbursements

Fees shown above do not include third party fees, including legal fees in the drafting of trust deeds, deeds of retirement and appointments, letter of wishes or other documentation.


Time Charges

Time is chargeable in units of 6 minutes at the following standard hourly rates:

Director / Associate Director£300
Senior Client Manager / Senior Accountant£275
Client Manager / Accountant£250
Senior Trust Officer£225
Trust Officer / Senior Administrator£200
Assistant Administrator£150
Client Accounting£125
Support Staff£75

Time charges are generally levied either quarterly or monthly in arrears. Rates are the usual charge-out rates for that grade of staff but should be considered indicative only as not all job titles or staff grades are shown, and in certain cases charge out rates may be uplifted, or reduced, depending on the specialist nature or risk of the work undertaken (e.g. work in relation to litigation claims is charged out by directors at £400/hr).

Accountancy and Taxation

Preparation of annual accountsfrom £1,000
FATCA / CRS classification / verification per entity£250
Responsible officer for a financial institution (per yr)£500
Complete a Jersey Tax return (no economic substance requirements)£350
Complete a Jersey Tax return (with economic substance requirements)£750
Complete a UK ATED returnfrom £500
Complete a UK Non Resident Landlord returnfrom £1,000
Complete a UK VAT return in respect of UK property incomefrom £500
Complete a UK CGT/CT return in respect of a disposal of propertyfrom £1,000

Certain of the above services may be discharged by our associated Chartered Accountancy practice GS Accountants.



This page in an indication of fees only and should not be considered exhaustive.

* Annual fees
Annual responsibility fees are charged for the first 12 months on incorporation or take-on.  In January of the following year, a further fee is levied to bring the annual fees into alignment with the calendar year. If a structure is formed or taken on in the last quarter of a calendar year, fees will be levied until the end of the following year on a prorated basis.  The January alignment invoice will also generally include the annual government statutory and other annual fees due for the calendar year. 

Annual fees are the fee for the holding of an office of a Company or holding the position of Trustee only and the fee does not include any work in that capacity, which is otherwise billed quarterly or monthly in arrears depending on the size and activity of the structure.  Timesheets are available to support all invoices, however, they are not generally provided for invoices of less than £1,000 unless specifically requested.  Fixed administration fees are available by negotiation.

** Compliance Monitoring fees
Compliance monitoring fees are risk-adjusted for any high-risk factors such as higher risk activities, or for structures involving certain high profile or politically exposed persons. Where a large structure is owned by a limited number of individuals then monitoring fees can be capped.

The fee includes the time spent monitoring of compliance risk, such as ongoing screening and sanctions monitoring on the beneficial owners, directors and other connected entities.   The fee does not include the time spent in respect of annual file or other regulatory mandated reviews, or the time costs in resolving any matters identified during those reviews which are charged in addition.

In the event of any queries in relation to our fees and charges please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss further. The fees on this page are indicative and subordinate to those specified in any engagement documentation and should read in conduction with our terms and conditions.

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