A leading international finance centre with a rich history and culture

Our Island

With a rich history and culture, and an outstanding natural environment, Jersey is our home and we’re proud to represent the Island and its cosmopolitan community.

Jersey, the International Finance Centre

Jersey has been a leading international finance centre (IFC) for more than 50 years.  Thanks to a forward-thinking approach, we are at the forefront of wealth management, funds, capital markets and banking, plus the specialist areas of Islamic finance, fintech, philanthropy and socially responsible investing.


  • 50+ years at the forefront of global finance, with a wide range of products and services
  • Jersey’s strong and respected regulatory framework sets it apart from other international finance centres
  • 800 years of independence, with our own elected parliament and judicial system
  • Substance: We’re proud that a whole range of major financial services firms are based here
  • 22 national and international awards have been won by Jersey in the past 5 years



Our main language is English, but most European languages are catered for in Jersey.



While we use the British pound and the Jersey pound (valued 1:1) as our main currency, we accept all major currencies for transactions.



A large proportion of Islanders work together in our finance and supporting industries, meaning our talent is both homegrown and ready to provide a world-class service.


Our status as a Crown Dependency allows everyone to benefit from an International Finance Centre that’s close to, but independent from, Britain and mainland Europe. As a Crown Dependency we have our independent legal system and government although the ultimate right of appeal rests with the Privy Council in the United Kingdom. Jersey was also never within the E.U., being part of the British Isles but not the United Kingdom.


Our population and our government consider education to be vital to the Island, and we make sure that both children and adults are set up for positive futures. There are a number of well regarded private and public schools on the island and higher education is taught through Highlands College in association with a number of UK universities.



Jersey is actively encouraging the growth of fintech initiatives, meaning they can provide quality support and a dynamic future for a finance industry.



We have world-leading business communications links, including high-speed telecommunications (the 10th fastest broadband in the world), together with cutting-edge information technology and postal services.



Jersey’s history has been a colourful one. The Island’s economy has evolved from the days of thriving knitting, boat building and fishing industries, to successes in agriculture, tourism and finance; the latter which now provides around 54% of the Island’s revenue.