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Expert Local Board Directorship

Offshore structures are required for a variety of transactional or ongoing purposes and Forward supports a suite of services including provision of expert, local board directorship by individuals or through our corporate director, Forward Directors Limited.

Maintaining a physical presence in the country of incorporation, carrying out critical activities locally and employing resident directors, are increasingly important parts of being able to demonstrate good governance and meeting economic substance requirements and where a local management and control function is important for tax or other reasons.

Highly experienced Board directors can be provided with knowledge of many sectors with the ability to participate effectively and ensure good governance. Board attendance can be in person or remotely as required, subject to any economic substance considerations. Services can extend to the provision of physical space if required, ensuring that the meetings and agendas are organised, minutes taken, safe-keeping of records, conducting banking, reviewing contract / other documentation including approval of financial statements, statutory documentation and ensuring compliance, also taking care of company filing. 

Uniquely, as Forward originally grew out of a Chartered Accountancy practice, the directors of Forward have worked with a wide variety of businesses outside of pure financial services, so can really understand and add value to a board than might be expected from people whose experiences have been somewhat narrower.  

Corporate activities can be driven to short timescales and tight deadlines, our experienced provision highlights that an effective board usually operates best when the directors maintain an open dialogue, highlighting upcoming matters in a constructive manner.


  • Corporate, fund and family office needs
  • Specialist support
  • Local corporate or personal directors
  • Governance & economic substance
  • Compliance with applicable rules & regulations
  • Maintaining open dialogue

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