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Charitable endeavours and philanthropy – Paying it forward

Private wealth structures, including trusts, companies, and foundations are regularly used to give effect to long term charitable and philanthropic objectives.

There is a growing desire amongst wealthy families to structure their wealth so that can engage in philanthropy and use their knowledge, skills, and resources to take on some of the biggest world challenges. Sometimes the philanthropic aims are more specific or geographic. Whatever your aims, our team’s expertise in this area can help.

Wealth creation continues worldwide, and wealthy families may wish to engage in charitable and philanthropic activities. When wealth succession is being considered and families are looking to determine the right level of wealth to pass to the next generation, philanthropy is becoming increasingly common. Families recognise that supporting charitable causes can be an effective way of keeping family united through common values, as well as giving something back to a community or cause that they have an association with.

Levels and methods of giving vary considerably, but increasingly wealthy people wish to be philanthropists during their lifetime rather than make a one-off legacy bequest. These philanthropists also wish to retain control, ensuring that finances will be used effectively and efficiently, and to enjoy the benefit of seeing the fruits of their generosity by making a difference to the recipients in the here and now.

Our experienced team can support your philanthropic objectives by advising accordingly, setting up private charitable trusts or private foundations to give effect to a family’s charitable requirements. Such structures are flexible enough to allow a client to carefully frame charitable objectives and control fund release to ensure they are used when most needed. 


  • Bespoke structures to support charitable/philanthropic goals
  • Supporting families with planning and research
  • Trustee provision or other fiduciary services
  • Appropriate due diligence undertaken
  • Creation of robust governance frameworks

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