Forward Group, future talent – the sky’s the limit

At Forward Group we are delighted to have an internship programme and this year 19-year old University of Liverpool student, Freya Roberts, joined the team through the summer. At the end of this month Freya leaves us to return and continue to study her 2nd year reading Geography, with a focus on human geography.

Given that Freya has made such a positive impact on the business we thought it only appropriate to hold a short Q&A with her to find out a little more about her and how she has found her internship.

Freya with Director, Simon Voisin

What attracted you to joining Forward Group for an internship?

I have always been interested in the world of finance and that the sector is such an integral facet to Jersey I was excited to be able to work with a local Independent Trust Company over the summer months. I liked the fact that being a smaller company who are very personable with their clients and it has really enabled me to obtain a complete overview of how a trust company is run, I wouldn’t have achieved that in a larger corporate office. Right from the start they looked like a company who are engaging with both their clients and staff, and they have really demonstrated that in the time I have been here. I has been a great environment to work in.

Freya quickly adapted to her varied workload

Can you give a little background on the work you have been undertaking?

The work has been very interesting and varied, assisting with administrative work from incorporating companies for new clients to opening bank accounts and listening to the directors discussing business development and marketing. It’s been insightful not just being focused on just one area of the business, giving me a more informed idea of which areas I might be interested to potentially pursue – which I would not have had at the beginning of the summer.

What have you gained from the experience?

I feel that I have gained a great deal from working here, in short space of time. I have gained greater resilience in being given projects, albeit under supervision, that I am unfamiliar with and having to navigate new systems and documents. Whilst doing this I have built great relationships with co-workers as everyone here works as a cohesive unit and there is a real sense of teamwork across the business.

Photo in front of the ‘pink’ Forward wall!!

Are there any specific people that have supported you the most?

I have been very lucky in that respect and have worked with most people at Forward given the collaborative nature of the business. Working alongside Simon Voisin, Daryl Blondel and Gemma Aubert has been a pleasure, particularly Gemma who has given me a number of projects to complete and who has given me a clear understanding as to how a trust company works. They, everyone in fact, were always on hand if I was really stuck!

So, what are your longer-term career aspirations and how has your experience at Forward Group supported this?

My long-term career aspirations are not fully realised yet. However, I am considering studying an MA in Law and to then go travelling afterwards. I think that since working at Forward Group over the summer they have given me a real insight into the world of business and, in the time available, given me a flavour of the various aspects of a service led company, which will certainly be transferable.

Freya – working hard, always with a pleasant smile

Do you have any general comments about the internship programme here at Forward?

I think that this internship is a great opportunity and would recommend it as it gives you plethora of opportunities and experiences. It is a lovely place to work and the team are so welcoming – the plan is I’ll be coming back during holidays!

Tell me a little about your interests outside of work?

I have always been very sporting and currently am into Muay Thai. I always like to get a few training sessions in when I come back from Uni. Whilst at Uni, I have joined a number of societies, my favourites being skydiving and rowing. Over the summer I have made the most of the weather by getting in the sea and going coasteering.

Freya with Director, Alun Griffiths, discussing their love of skydiving – some blue sky thinking!!!!

If you had to pick out some of life’s memorable moments to date what would they be?

Of course, being offered the internship here at Forward Group has to be one! Outside of work there are lots of small things I am proud of but particularly being awarded 1st Dan black belt at the age of 12 and my 2nd Dan at the age of 15…..they were stand out moments definitely!

Thanks Freya, I know everyone at Forward Group has enjoyed working with you and is really appreciate of the support you have given. Judging by this discussion, you are also very modest, you have made a real impact here and it has been a pleasure to work with you. Good luck for the future and I know the team is going to miss you.

Forward Director, Alun Griffiths added:

“It was great to have Freya working in all aspects of the business.  She picked things up very quickly and was a great addition to our small team.  I firmly believe there is a place for her in the industry if that is what she ultimately decides to do… and I am not just saying that because I got to have the occasional chat about our shared hobby of skydiving! “