Forward welcomes Paul O’Brien.

As part of the continued expansion and growth of Forward Group we are delighted to announce the arrival of Paul O’Brien who joins the Forward team in the role of Client Accountant.

Paul joins us with a wealth of experience in the accountancy practice sector. We felt his arrival couldn’t be allowed to pass without holding a brief introductory Q&A with Director, Simon Voisin.

Welcome to the team, Paul. As you can see its exciting times for us here at Forward as we continue to grow, what attracted you to join the team?

I recently took a little time out of accounting and finance and was looking for a fresh new challenge. Forward really attracted me because it is a growing and vibrant company whose approach and values are refreshing. Having worked at larger established practices previously I felt this would be an excellent opportunity to get involved in creation and implementation of all of the accounting processes for all the existing clients we have, and the new clients you are attracting, following your recent investment in a new client management platform.

Tell us a little bit about your background and previous experience?

I have spent around 12 years in the finance industry, most of which has been in accounting and finance functions. But I also have experience working in payroll and administration businesses. I have always felt more drawn to and comfortable working with numbers! I enjoy supporting the administration functions with any accounting and finance related issues that they might have. Aside from of my career progression I spent a few years travelling around Australia, which was an amazing experience and a country that I would recommend everyone should visit.

How do you see it benefiting Forward Group?

I have considerable experience using the accounting software package Forward have embedded within the business. So, at the moment, I am heavily involved with importing the new balances for new clients onto the system and creating accounting portfolios as my previous knowledge of the accounting system benefits Forward. I also have the experience working with the asset classes that Forward administer.

What motivates you to be the best you can be?

Doing work that you are passionate about is the thing that motivates me most, I feel this way about my role with Forward and hope this will reflect in future growth in the business. My family are important to me and I really like to be there for them in any way possible, I think working for a great company always helps with that! It is clear the Forward ethos and values surrounding its staff achieving a good work-life balance will help me achieve that and lead me to perform to the best of my ability.

What opportunities can you see the role will bring you?

For me, the best thing about joining a thriving company with so much growth potential is the chance to learn immediately how everything works with managing the accounting aspects for the clients. I am looking forward to the challenge and seeing all the hard work pay off for the company and the positive impact I can have in respect of that.

How do you achieve a good work-life balance – how do you unwind, what are your outside interests?

Spending time with my family is the best way to unwind and I have always loved sporting activity, especially cycling, usually pedalling around 6000 miles a year, which includes the daily commute to and from work. I feel that cycling after a busy day is a great way to unwind and you get home with a clear mind, albeit sometimes a little wet and cold!!

Thanks Paul, I know the team are excited to get to know you more and we see you as an integral part of our continued growth. Good luck with this period of intensive induction and your initiation into all things Forward!