Introducing… Stefano Ricci

You may have seen that, as part of our exciting growth plans, we are actively recruiting here at Forward. It is great to welcome Stefano who joins us in the role of Senior Administrator. Stefano has extensive experience in providing professional fiduciary wealth management services to private and corporate clients, working for both independent and institutional trust companies.

We could not let the opportunity pass to spend a few minutes with Stefano to find out a little more about him with a short Q&A session, which has become an expected part of the inauguration into the Forward business!

Hi Stefano, great to meet you, so you have been with the team for a few days now, we hope you are getting on well and finding your feet. So, what attracted you to join the Forward team?

From the moment I met everyone I found it a nice relaxed, calm and professional atmosphere with flexible working opportunities, which supports the need for me to achieve a good work/life balance. The location of the business is great too – just right for that lunchtime visit to the beach in the summer!

Tell us a little bit more about your experience and background.

I have a wealth of experience working for some of the larger companies on the island as well as few smaller boutique firms such as Forward. I have been involved in several remediation projects across the island as well as looking after private family high net worth clients and corporate executive employee benefit schemes.

Wow, that is great. So how do you see Forward will benefit from your skills and experience? 

With 15 years experience I have developed extensive knowledge which offers Forward a fresh perspective and I apply a pragmatic approach to my work which will also benefit the business.  

What is your biggest motivation in respect of your career?

I want to continue to develop my skills and experience in the sector to be the best I can be. With that determination to succeed in my career I want to be able to own that nice sized home and convert a room into a music room (music is one of my great passions!).  

What opportunities can you see the role will bring you and what are your longer-term aspirations?  

It is clear Forward will help me further development in my career, whilst working in a nice environment with great people and allowing me to maintain a good work/life balance.

As you have already alluded to, and will have seen from company core values, an important part of having happy staff and motivated team is about ensuring all have a good work-life balance; So what are your interests outside of work that help you unwind? 

I like to keep myself quite active, enjoying mountain biking on the cliff paths, surfing and relaxing down the beach.  I also produce dance music as a hobby.  

Thanks Stefano, it is great to hear a little bit more about you and your interests. I know the team are really looking forward to working with you and getting to know you a little more. Best of luck in the new role and we look forward to supporting you with progressing your career further.

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