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Simon at home

“Times like these” and moving forward with the new ‘norm’

It has been sung – “It’s times like these (we learn to live again)”….. Times of isolation lead to introspection, reflection and general pondering. In my case, how will we build the relationships that are the bedrock of my chosen profession. To be able to have those difficult discussions with our clients, or their trusted … Read more

alun griffiths working from home

Working from home and ploughing forward

Forward Staff have been working from home since the 16th March and it has been an eventful 7 weeks, to say the least! Everyday has been different and far from repetitive.  Our working day starts with a team video call to discuss ongoing work and ensuring everyone is kept up to date and ensure effective … Read more

Richard Perry and Alun Griffiths

Looking forward, becoming UK deemed domiciled.

Forward Group Director, Alun Griffiths, recently had the opportunity to have a Q&A session with Richard Perry, Tax Director at Calibrate Law to discuss the subject of individuals becoming deemed domiciled in the near future. Hello Richard, so tell us about Calibrate Law? I read that you are looking to disrupt the legal industry. We … Read more

empty conference room

Economic Substance, Corporate Tax residence and the implications of Corona Virus

The continued daily updates of the Coronavirus situation have us all concerned from both a personal and professional perspective. However, what is clear during this time of uncertainty is that we all need to be looking out for each other and adapting our daily lives to accommodate the necessary changes to our usual routine. Coronavirus … Read more

Houses of Parliament

Budget Announcement 2020 – Forward thinking and bold!

‘Getting things done’ has been the government’s new mantra and Wednesday’s budget was no different. Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, delivered the first Budget of the new decade in bold fashion, despite concerns as to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The message was one of providing reassurance in uncertain times, underpinned … Read more

Daryl Blondel and Alun Griffiths

Moving forward, an interview with Daryl Blondel

Forward Group is delighted to welcome Daryl Blondel to the team and we thought, in between his rigorous induction to the business, we would take a few minutes to conduct a Q and A session with him to learn a little bit more about the ‘real’ Daryl. We love the fact that even on day … Read more

blue teapot

The Blue tea-pot has it…

The blue tea pot has it….the blue tea pot has it! With a working majority of 76 the country really has spoken, even if for many their hands did waiver when choosing the blue teapot, the country and the rest of the world now know the flavour of tea it will be served for the … Read more

blue, red and yellow teapots

Looking Forward – No Pink, just Red, Yellow and Blue

A poignant and slightly different analogy of Thursday’s forthcoming general election……. I just had tea with a dear friend….and esteemed tax lawyer. After the usual pleasantries, of course, Thursday’s election was the only item on the agenda. Entirely by chance his tea came in a yellow pot, mine in red! He summed up the possible … Read more

Old Trafford

Simon and Gary’s Road Trip to Manchester (Pink meets Red again…)

Simon and Gary undertook a road trip to Manchester on Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th December for various business development meetings and hosting opportunities. They found a vibrant, cosmopolitan and busy city at the heart of the northern powerhouse. After two busy days, Simon hosted at Old Trafford taking in the Premiership match between Manchester United and … Read more

Simon Voisin and Alex Morgan

Reds March Forward with Pink Support

Forward Group was matchday sponsor of Saturday’s Championship Cup fixture against Doncaster Knights at the Stade Santander International Stadium. As part of the sponsorship Forward Group also sponsored Forward, Liam Hallam-Eames as well as having the pleasure to present the man-of-the-match award to Alex Morgan. It was a pretty hostile encounter against the Knights, but … Read more