Developing structures to protect the value of your intellectual property, concepts, ideas, brands, and imagery

The Importance of Intellectual Property Rights

It is essential that businesses, entrepreneurs, sports personalities, entertainers, models, and performers consider the licensing and efficient structuring of Intellectual Property (IP) and Royalty Rights.

Such careers can deliver a potentially short period of earning opportunity and the changing nature of the international entertainment, media and sports industries, mean it is essential to tailor a solution that maximizes earning potential from areas such as image rights, appearance/performance fees, sponsorship and endorsement, including licensing of trademarks, publications and recordings.

Jersey is highly competent in managing the areas of intellectual property in a modern and competent manner. 

December 2012 saw governing copyright law changes and other unregistered intellectual property rights came into force with the objective of establishing a modern, effective legislative framework for individuals and businesses that create IP. This was a significant change in the legal framework in relation to copyright. Vast amounts of intellectual property material are protected in Jersey due to various conventions that the UK holds membership to.

A structure should also be forward-looking to ensure the protection of accumulated wealth and ability to provide future security for a client’s family. 

Our experienced team, with its detailed knowledge, will ensure each structure is robust and able to meet all regulatory and other criteria in the creation and administration of innovative and effective estate planning solutions including for those involving IP.

Forward can advise on the careful structuring needed to ensure that Jersey tax resident companies comply with the requirements of the Economic Substance legislation introduced in 2019.


  • Tailored asset protection and estate planning
  • Flexible options to address the differing revenue streams
  • Full bookkeeping and accounting service
  • Full regulatory and compliance reporting
  • Full compliance with Economic Substance requirements

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