We handle a wide variety of structures and transactions for valuable lifestyle and business assets

Looking Forward to Caring for Your Prize Assets

Highly valuable assets play an integral part in sustaining a preferred lifestyle. Provision should be allowed in holistic asset planning solutions and require the support of professionals with significant experience.

Ownership of a high value yacht or aircraft may fulfil a personal passion, help meet a business need, or simply enable a family to maintain its preferred lifestyle.

Whatever the objectives, the implementation of a tailored, robust ownership structure for such assets is appropriate. Centralised co-ordination means the family can be assured that insurances / licenses are maintained, liaison with airport / port authorities handled, scheduled or urgent maintenance organised.

Provided alongside additional services for more traditional assets our team understands the need to balance personal and professional interests and to tailor services accordingly.

We can assist families with all aspects regarding the creation and continuing administration of the chosen asset ownership structure.


  • Liaison with asset-specific professionals
  • Ease and peace of mind
  • Compliance with rules and regulations
  • Paying of crew and operating expenses
  • Bookkeeping and accounting
  • Locally resident directors, knowledgeable trustees

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