Establishment and administration of trust and company entities through the structure’s lifecycle

Effective Estate and Succession Planning

Tried and tested for centuries, trusts are used by wealthy families worldwide for effective estate and succession planning. Forward Group are specialists in administering trusts for individuals and their families.

Particularly effective for tax planning before moving from one country to another, trusts can assist in ensuring your family interests are maintained through the generations, and that family members are looked after in the event that the head of the family is unable to continue in that role due to illness or incapacitation.  Our trustees are experienced in working with large trust structures designed to help wealthy families achieve their personal goals.

Trust can hold a variety of assets including shares in private companies, property, quoted investment portfolios, fine arts, classic cars and any variety of investment class.

Whatever those objectives are, the implementation of a tailored robust ownership structure for family assets will be of benefit to you and your family. 

Trusts are a legal arrangement with the Trustee and are not registered anywhere and provide confidentiality.  Segregation of assets between settlor and the trust creates asset protection and creditor protection.

Provided alongside additional services for those more traditional assets, our team has the experience and understanding of the need to balance personal and professional interests accordingly. We also assist families with all aspects regarding the creation and ongoing administration of their chosen structures.

Trusts remain a popular choice for wealth management by UHNW/HNW individuals and families.

Key benefits:

  • Wealth planning tool (particularly when immigrating or emigrating)
  • Orderly inter-generational wealth transfer
  • Protection against forced heir-ship
  • Creditor and asset protection
  • Protection against political and economic uncertainty
  • Tailored and highly flexible


  • Full compliance with all rules and regulations
  • Bookkeeping and accounting
  • Locally resident Trustees
  • Access to a global network of professional tax advisors