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Dissatisfied with your offshore trustee?

Does the following sound familiar when dealing with your Jersey corporate services provider or trustee?

  • Never talking to the same person twice or every year a new person dealing with your case.
  • Treated like a face in the crowd rather than an important client.
  • Unable to reach and talk directly to the key decision makers in a business.
  • Communications being unanswered or having to chase down responses.
  • Ever more inventive billing practices and fees going up year after year whilst service levels decrease.
  • An overall feeling of being under appreciated or unimportant or just a number on the bottom line of a profit and loss account.

If you Move Forward with Forward we can promise you:

  • A dedicated administration team comprising at least an administrator, manager and dedicated lead director to oversea all matters.
  • A business that dedicates itself to ensuring that it has a long term team. Our staff turnover is virtually zero, compared to an industry average of between 50% and 100%.
  • Direct access to the shareholders and directors. As well as the normal email and office phones directors can be reached on whatsapp/signal/telegram/email in case of urgent requests our office number all ring through to mobile telephones when out of the office
  • Open and honest fees, unlike most service providers we publish all our fees on our website
  • As a boutique firm all our clients are hugely important to us and we strive to build personal and meaningful relationships with all of our clients
  • A long term view in terms of our investment into any client relationship rather than a view that is focused on the next set of quarterly or annual financial results.

Our goal is a better experience for those who feel they are not getting the service they deserve and are yet being asked to pay ever increasing fees. Speak to a director today and discover the difference.

What our clients say

Thank you! For the first time in over a decade I understand the financial position of our structure. I wish I had found Forward earlier!

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What our clients say

You are the best Trustees I’ve had in 30 years!

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